Ultra fast timesheet data entry

Ultra fast timesheet data entry

The timesheet is, with the invoicing system, Timetrack's main asset. With Timetrack, you will not have to manually enter the start and end hours of each activity anymore.

Locate your customer/tracker using the search bar, grab it with your mouse and drop it on the timesheet to create a time block. The created block represents one hour. You can then move and resize this block in a very natural way. It's just that simple!


How to use drag&drop in the timesheet

A block can even span over several days: imagine that you spend all mornings from 8:00 till 10:30 working for the same customer. With Timetrack, drop a tracker on Monday 8:00, then stretch the block until Friday 10:30, and that's it.

Timetrack drag and drop system 2/3

Should you exceptionally work for this same customer from 8:30 till 11:00 on Thursday, split the block spanning from Monday to Friday and move the one corresponding to Thursday to make it start at 8:30. You can do it with two fingers in the nose, it works!

Timetrack drag and drop system 3/3

Add a note on a block

You can also very easily associate a free comment with each block, copy/paste blocks from a timesheet to another, or even from somebody else's timesheet into yours.

Notes on timesheet entries

Print and Export of timesheets

You can generate printable monthly timesheets, in the PDF or HTML format, for example to have it signed by the customer.

Monhtly timesheet
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