Modelize your activity

Modelize your activity

One of the other assets of Timetrack is its flexibility. Thanks to the concept of Tracker, it can be adapted to any kind of activities.

Of course, Timetrack can not guess your way of work so it is important to modelize your activity.

The global configuration tab allows you to define your activity through a hierarchy of trackers. Each time you create a client, this hierarchy will be available to apply to the latter.

Timetrack also allows to manage several invoicing units. You can bill your activities based on the hourly/daily rate but also, for instance, your travel based on mileage. Each tracker is linked to a rate expressed in a given unit. You can thus create a "Travel" which unit will be "km".

So, to go to a client's, your trip lasts half an hour: you will create a 30 minutes block in your timesheet. By double-cliking on this block, you could specify the number of km. Visually, this block worths 30 minutes but will be billed to your client as km: number of km * rate/km.

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