Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting

Many reports are available in order to help you analyzing your activity according to three main categories.

1. Invoiced amounts

This report is based on the invoices you created. By default, it allows the analysis of theoretical and invoiced amounts (sum of block values vs. amounts billed).

Timetrack Stats

Many settings allow you to generate extremely precise reports thanks to the the available keys: period, customer, tracker, user.

2. Time spent

This report is based on the timesheets. By default, it allows the analysis of the time spent and the expected turnover. The expected income corresponds to the time spent multiplied by the hourly/daily rate of the employee or, for lump sum trackers (km for instance), to the quantity multiplied by unit rate. Thanks to the settings, you can easily fine tune your reports to obtain a detail of the time spent by customer, by tracker, by user for a determined period.

3. Customers

This report is based on the Customers tab and allows the analysis of customers and trackers by country and by type.

All these reports can be exported under Excel format, for a further utilization of the data, and PDF format, for further presentations or simply print.

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